Assemble Top- End SUVs in India & Avail Price Cut!

We, off late, had been reporting about how the Indian car market has become an ultimate destination for automobile manufacturers of diverse nature to indulge in and lure the target audiences with their dazzling product range.

The Indian car market has gained that niche status because of the target customers of varying range available here and prominent possibilities for every company, being the other.

Now, once again for another reason, Indian car market is set to become a boon for foreign companies as they are vying to assemble their high-end sports utility vehicles (SUVs) Continue reading Assemble Top- End SUVs in India & Avail Price Cut!

Renault To Roll Out India Based Car Soon

First things first!

Indian automobile market has become a significant hunting ground for many to enjoy an ample amount of this huge pie. The immense possibilities in the market has spread like an infectious wave for various players of diverse attributes to get lured and operate and make product positioned specially made for India and be counted.

Phew! Following the same strategy of business, Renault has finally decided to roll out a car specially crafted for Indian roads. Continue reading Renault To Roll Out India Based Car Soon

Chevrolet To Unveil Four Beauties Next Year

The U.S. based automobile makers Chevrolet is planning to launch four new passenger cars in 2011. One small car, a couple of mid-sized cars and one SUV will be entering the Indian automobile market next year. Last week, the company had a grand inauguration of its flexi-engine plant in Talegaon in Pune aiming at manufacturing the petrol and diesel engines on the same assembly line. The state of the art facilities of the plant are a handsome investment of $230 million and have been set up for the production of engines for the small GM passenger cars fit for the Indian roads. Continue reading Chevrolet To Unveil Four Beauties Next Year

Audi R8 Review

The Audi R8 is a classy sedan which makes you just go head over heals. R8 is an iconic design and one would just be drooling to see her. This car is a phenomenon in itself. The car features number of accessories that are just impeccable.



The exterior of the Audi R8 is mind blowing. This car is a super-car by every means. The car has splendid looks and superb features. The car is an iconic design and one which is absolutely spectacular. The exterior of this car is tremendously dynamic and one which zooms through thin air with that awesome firing that it has!

The stylized LED headlamps are simply stunning and give the car a modern look. There is this awesome sidelining on the car and the very smart air vents that give this car a streamlined structure. The Audi symbol this time is on the huge slim bonnet of the R8 that makes its even sexier! The grill is this nice metal frame below the bonnet. R8 has a lot of carbon fiber present in it, just to reduce the weight yet not loose on its styling part. Exteriors have been given very much importance in this car as this car symbolizes a whole new Audi version which just is an absolute show stopper.  



The interiors too are damn hot. The car is simply beautiful from inside and the color tones really go with the overall car. The car provides a number of technical gizmos which are absolutely enjoyable due to its high quality. The intriguing interiors of the Audi R8 are:

  • Audi magnetic ride
  • Audi advanced parking system
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Exterior mirrors
  • Rear view camera
  • Multifunction steering wheels
  • Seat heating
  • Sports seat
  • Pedals and footrest
  • Side blades
  • Bang & Olufsen Sound system
  • Driver information system
  • Bluetooth Mobile phone
  • Navigation system plus  
  • MMI operating logic


The Audi R8 Quattro is a grand machine. The car is a marvel in its own and has a powerful engine of a whopping 4.2 Liter engine. This car oozes of power and excellent quality ride. The V8 is magnificent and the engine architecture is just very productive. The engine is just tremendous and provides with optimum results. This engine gives you the feel that you will need like anything. This car surely lives up to the expectations and makes this one of its kind engine. The R8 is spectacularly built and is truly phenomenally engineered. This car has an amazing 425 Ps of power and the rpm count goes up to 5500 which is stupendous. The car has a 6 speed automatic transmission and is really smooth to just zip the car through. The car accelerates and touches 100 within 5 seconds!

The car has awesome suspension system; a double wishbone suspension both at the front and at the rear. The car is a beast and keeps you on the toes as you desire to press on the gas and experience the thrill. The car has an amazing smooth drive that one has to just experience. The Audi has perfectly combined both class and technology together to form this hot speedster. You will feel as if you are a sports car racer and every road will then be your track. The car will gift you the confidence that you just desired to have. Audi R8 has these awesome safety features that make sure that you would be all fit and fine during any mishap. 



The car is basically luxury personified and is an absolutely a car for the rich and the famous. Well this car has all the luxurious accessories that an Audi would possess. The car is sublime with its speed, the control is absolutely dynamic and the superb handling gives you the perfect ride. The car symbolizes style and its sophisticated looks make it a dream car of everyone. The car is envy of most of the car fanatics just because of its body, its marvelous performance and the effect it has on everyone’s minds.


Tata unleashes Manza Elan in India

New product development and their launch is one of the sharpest tool of marketing and if done correctly not only it has the power to ensure you get a better opening for the product but also keep enjoying a good fan-following for a long duration of time.

Following the same, Tata Motors had recently launched their next variant in the existing series of Manza, the Manza Elan and hopes to spice up the targeted segment in the Indian automobile market. Continue reading Tata unleashes Manza Elan in India

Audi A8 V10 Spydar To Make Its Way On 25th March

Audi has been a pivotal luxury car player in the enticing Indian automobile market along with Mercedes and BMW.

In order to spice up the targeted segment, Audi India has decided to lunch its ambitious vehicle, the Audi A8 V10 Spydar on March 25th. It would be a perfect Holi cum world cup gift from Audi to its esteemed customers. Continue reading Audi A8 V10 Spydar To Make Its Way On 25th March

McLaren Mercedes to build the rival of Bugatti Veyron

It is the breaking news, that some developments are under way in the McLaren camp on an all- new flagship design model which is claimed to be a major competition for every super car that has been launched on the roads in any corner of the world till date, and is thought of as a combination of a blistering performance oriented car with some extraordinary agility and usability on a daily basis.According to some sources, this concept would be known internally as the ‘Mega Mac’. This new super car is said to be scheduled for a launch in the year 2014 and not before that. The production unit will manufacture only some limited versions of the car which would sum up to just 500 units. The price of this car is expected somewhere in the range of around Rs 2.5 crore and Rs 2.9 crore (INR Ex-Showroom) if calculated according to present day currency ratios.

As some reports claim, the styling and the design of the Mega Mac will be much bigger, grander and will be given a more functional look than the McLaren MP4-12C. Having said this, the super car will mostly have the same family resemblance with both the current car and the stunning McLaren F1. The car is said to get an active aerodynamics system that will include spoilers at both front and rear and those would be deployed in certain conditions according to the rules of aerodynamics and would be something as an addition to the use of a rear airbrake, as we can see it used on the MP4-12C.

Looking inside, the cabin will be delivering some immaculate and impressive all-round visibility and all the luxuries befitting a super car will be present in the interiors, but only to a certain extent. Also a small luggage space behind the seats will be given inside the fast speedster. Inside sources say that the car will be getting an on-board data logging system and a higher pixel video camera which will allow the driver to film his or her own best track time. Now this is something out of the box from McLaren.

At the very core of this mega blistering concept there will be a mind boggling 799 brake horse powered 5.0-litre V8 engine. Now that figure of 799 is just something very powerful and that means that the car will have a 160bhp per litre. News is that, this engine will be developed in conjunction with Ricardo. According to the insiders, maximum power that will be obtained will be an awesome 7500rpm and a huge 81.57kgm ft of torque and this is said to be delivered between the range of 3500rpm and 6800rpm. The engine will be driven by a Graziano 7 speed dual-clutch box. According to some internal calculations from McLaren Mercedes, concept super car ‘Mega Mac’ will speed up to a 100kph mark in just 2.8sec; a 160kph in 5.5sec and around 320kph in just 20.0 odd seconds now aren’t those outstanding technological marvels?

Though the car has some arguable points considering this power because, the acceleration of this car from 0-60mph time is just slower than 2.6 seconds. It has been observed that the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport will just be a little slower compared to the Mega Mac as compared to Bugatti’s 0-320mph time of 22sec.

The Mega Mac is said to be based on the similar carbon fiber Monocell design that has been used in the McLaren MP4-12C.  Engineers will use similar design although extensively retuned. The car will have an aluminum pushrod suspension along with new hydraulic anti-roll control. It will also have high tech adaptive dampers and a five-stage traction control system for some magnificent braking .  A pair of Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes will be used as standard, along with Brake Steer technology and new age technology called as electronic brake force distribution system. Close sources say that McLaren is apparently considering turning off its ABS system on racing circuits. A sat-nav link would ensure that ABS could not be disabled on public roads. The Mega Mac is said to have its showroom name as the number ‘799′ referred on its power and is going to be built within the main McLaren station rather than at the new bespoke MP4-12C factory site, and that too at a rate of 2 to 3 super cars per week over a three to four years of production life.

Tata Motors, Maruti cut output; now eyes new launches

 As the domestic of auto market is on a downhill sliding position due to extensive fuel hikes and increase in the interest rates of the banks, Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki have decided to cut its production as the auto industry brace up for single digit sales growth rate this economy.

However, car producers are hoping positively for a sales growth due to new launches, including MSI’s Swift, Volkswagen’s Jetta, Honda’s Jazz and Brio and newly launched General Motor’s Beat, diesel version.

A Tata spokesperson said, “Our production is exactly as per demand. We keep in mind the need to keep inventories at both the company and dealers’ end in balance.”

He further added, “If there is a requirement for adjustment in production, the company does it. At the moment there is a slowdown in demand.”

If we look at the figures, Tata’s production in July was down by 26.96 percent to 19,985 units as against 27,362 units in the same month last year. Its domestic car sales were also decreased to 43.13 percent to 13,997 units.

Last week, Maruti Suzuki India said that it has cut off the production of many of its models including its bestsellers so far like, Alto (5%) during this month due to decrease in demand in the domestic market.

Shinzo Nakanishi MSI Managing Director and CEO had said that the company has reduced its production of almost all the models, except Swift and DZiRE in August due to bad market conditions.

This year in July, MSI’s car production was at 72,587 units, decreased by 21.08 per cent if compared to the July of last year, mainly because of non-production of Swift. Its domestic sales were reduced by 31.04 per cent to 52,483 units.

While saying about the market’s bizarre condition, other auto biggies like GM India, Honda Siel Cars India and Hyundai Motor India, though have not taken any such steps so far but at the same point, they are hoping to boost the market with their new launches.

Jnaneswar Sen, Senior Vice- President (Sales and Marketing) of Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) said, “The industry is in a bad shape. Yet, there are a lot of new launches happening. Any new launch gives an impetus to the market and that should help the market. Moreover, the festive season is round the corner and we are hopeful that the demand will revive.”

General Motors India (GMI) Vice-President P Balendran said, ” a lot of uncertainties like high interest rate and fuel prices were having a negative impact on auto sales.”

This week there are few cars set for launch in the market out of which one is Maruti Suzuki’s new Swift and Volkswagen and HSCI launching new versions of Jetta and Jazz respectively.

Limited edition X-trail has been introduced by Nissan

A new X-Trail model has been just unveiled by Nissan to celebrate its ‘X-treme Trail’, adventure reality show will be premiered on National Geographic channel. Nissan and National Geographic channel will give a chance to the viewers enjoy having experience into unchartered terrains of India thorough it’s a reality show. The 6th part series will premiere on 5th November and will also be telecasted at the same time on National Geographic channel, Channel V and Star World.


National Geographic channel is famous for its two unique features such as powerful storytelling and unrivalled imagery, which will showcase the art of off-roading through 8 contestant’s journey on the show. From the selection process as well as training to battle the dense Jungles of Rajaji National Park to Trans-Himalayan ranges in Ladhak and Himachal, the selection of contestants will reveal their mettle on the road in SUV from Nissan-The X-trail. A chance will be given to the final winners to give respect to Indian Army warrior since their last drive is going to take them to the Great War field on earth.


Nissan revealed new X-treme Train limited edition of Nissan X-Train on an event of its series launch that honor the drivable feat that is accomplished by Nissan SUVs in India. The SUV is available at a cost of INR 22,78,928 LE-Grade and added ten new features like Door Visor Set, X-treme Trail Decal, Touch Screen Navigation System and Rear Spoiler. All these unique features add to the comfort and simplicity of off-roading on Indian land.

Unveiling the limited X-trail Edition to coincide with the occasion, Mr. Dinesh Jain, CEO, Hover Automotive India, Nissan’s Sales & Marketing Partner in India said, “Brand Nissan is known for its product Innovations around the world. Nissan X-trail with the new 2.0L M9R fuel-efficient diesel engine combined with the most capable ALL MODE 4X4-i system makes it a unique vehicle in its class. In the X-treme Trail program, the Nissan X-trail has surpassed the expectations of all 19 amateur drivers and the two final winners who successfully drove it to one of the most difficult terrains in the world; the Siachen Glacier which also reconfirms the claims that the car is perfectly designed for city as well has off-road driving. We would like to mark this program by launching an X-treme Trail Limited Edition of Nissan X-trail which will enhance the driving experience for anyone who enjoys SUV experience. The limited edition will be on sale from the month of Nov’2012 at all Nissan 45 dealerships across India”.